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Let’s Be Transparent…

Lethargy is NOT your destiny. You've been itching to break free from the mundane and unleash your vibrant, energetic life. Forget about average—your goal is to ignite a spark that sets your health journey on fire. You're not interested in blending in; you want to make waves, leave people in awe, and create a buzz wherever you go.

Picture this: you, the superhero of wellness, soaring through life with boundless energy, radiating joy and vitality like a contagious force. You crave a legacy that speaks volumes about your dedication to living your best life. Dull and ordinary? No way! You're all about extraordinary, transformative, and jaw-dropping moments that will have everyone wondering, "What's their secret?"

That's why you've embarked on this thrilling journey towards optimal health and wellness. It's not just about feeling good; it's about embracing a lifestyle that excites, invigorates, and makes you come alive. You're in the driver's seat, curating your own unique wellness experience, with endless possibilities.

That’s what I’m here to teach you.

There’s just a little hiccup - you’re 


Someday you’ll live a vital life

Tired, drained and unmotivated

Uncertain of the RIGHT approach for you.

Craving change but nothing has worked so far.

Knowledge gap and you don’t have the time to find out for yourself.


Hi! I’m Andrew Colombini 

…and I can feel where you’re coming from 

I've delved into countless systems of health and wellness, exploring various workouts, diets, mindsets, and practices. All in the pursuit of living a vibrant vital life. However, I always encountered inconsistencies, what seemed to work for someone had the opposite effect on me. Things worked for me some of the time but I felt like there’s something major missing. That missing link was discovered when I became certified as a biotype coach through rgpdevelopment.

IMG_6280 3.JPG

Connecting the Dots

There are four distinct biotypes and depending on which bio-type you are, determines how you recharge and maintain your energy levels. This is the reason why some health practices work for some and not for others. Understanding bio-types became the missing piece of the puzzle, bringing clarity and coherence to my approach.


Combining my background in Vital Living with rgpdevelopment's Bio-Types, I forged a path that had never been traveled before. I integrated these powerful insights into my coaching practice, revolutionizing the way I support individuals in their wellness journeys.

Before I knew it I could maintain my energy all day on command.

What’s incredible is it works like clockwork no matter who it is.

From this moment forward we’re getting rid of the things that drain your energy!


Fumbling with how-to’s, you-tube videos and generic articles online that weren’t written with YOUR bio-type  in mind.


Sitting on the sidelines, watching others live vibrantly instead of you.​


Low energy, confusion, and frustration that keeps you circling (You deserve to live vitaly)


Haphazardly thrown together wellness pieces that don’t follow any real system or process.


Wishing, hoping, and praying about a future full of fulfillment and radiance. (That’s a vision that needs to be brought to life.)

And we’re replacing them with what you’re really after:


Unlocking a world of customized support, tailored specifically to your bio-type


Glowing from the inside out and captivating others with your radiant health and vitality.


Waking up with boundless energy to conquer your dreams with enough left to show up powerfully for your friends and family.


Confidently following a comprehensive system that guides you seamlessly through a proven process, providing clarity, structure, and tangible results


Transforming your wishes into reality where your dreams become your lived experience, inspiring and empowering you to create a future that surpasses your wildest expectations.

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